Monday, January 30, 2012


We don’t have an obligation to solve America’s problems.

-- unnamed Apple executive

I’ll bet that guy ... does strongly believe that Uncle Sam has an obligation to stop foreign pirating of Apple’s intellectual property and to maintain the deployments of the U.S. Seventh Fleet and of the 100,000 U.S. troops in the Asia-Pacific region that make it safe for Apple to use [long] supply chains.

-- Clyde Prestowitz

In this week's sift:

  • Where the Jobs Are and Why. Suddenly in the last two weeks, we've seen an amazing run of articles about manufacturing, sparking lots of insightful commentary. Fulfilling the President's pledge to bring manufacturing jobs home will be even more complicated than it looks.
  • Barack X, the Fictional President. Bill Mahr, Jay Rosen, and the New Yorker explain what Obama is up against, and the challenge Mitt Romney has so far dodged.
  • The Return of Death Panels and other Short Notes. No, the ACA doesn't say old people can't have brain surgery. Poor English boots a candidate off an Arizona ballot. Do Newt's infidelities predict a strong presidency? The world's cutest car. What's wrong with corporate raiding? Occupy didn't invent the 1%. Dead people didn't vote in SC. And Elizabeth Warren explains what's wrong with Mitt's taxes.
  • Last week's most popular post.Property vs. Freedom had 245 views. The most-clicked link was to Democracy Now's episode on the McDonalds' coffee case.
  • This week's challenge. If I'm feeling too challenged to think of a challenge, maybe we all could use a week off.

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